The Pure Farm

Growing Goodness

Feeding the Hungry, Growing Together

At Pure Farm, we’re dedicated to two things: providing fresh, organic food to those who need it most, and giving people the skills to grow their own food. Our farm is a thriving space where we’re constantly expanding — just in 2019, we added four new greenhouses! This lets us farm all year round, increasing how much food we can give to our community.

We’re proud to say we have four acres where we’re not just growing crops, but we’re also growing hope. We offer fresh fruits and veggies to the elderly and families who could use a helping hand, and we also provide training for people looking for work, teaching them valuable farming skills.

Sharing the Harvest

More than 20% of people in Bulgaria face poverty. We’re here to help change that. Through our Feeding Program, we share the bounty of Pure Farm with local churches, who then help us get it to families struggling to make ends meet. It’s about more than just food; it’s about building a community, sharing meals, and offering a sense of hope. Our efforts reached over 450 families across Bulgaria in 2020, and we’re just getting started. Join us in planting seeds of change and nurturing our community together.

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