Showing the love and grace of God to
the people of the Balkans.
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Welcome to the International Fellowship of St. John, Inc.

International Fellowship of St. John, Inc. is a US 501(c)3 incorporated in 2019 and was established for the purpose of raising funds to support the NGO (Non-government organization) legal entity established in Bulgaria in 2015.  

St. John works with marginalized groups in the Balkans/Europe through teaching, training, and raising up national Christian leaders, educating those with limited opportunities, and bringing love and purpose to those persecuted in broken communities. 

Our model is a holistic ministry model that addresses the whole person:

spiritually, physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally.  

We minister practically through projects, which include: church planting and leadership development training, a safe home and anti-trafficking initiatives, Bible training, and agricultural and feeding, and foster care/orphan engagement. 

Why is the NGO/charity named the International Fellowship of Saint John?

St. John, aka the Apostle John, had a revelation of God’s love for him. This revelation of love is being a true example of unconditional love towards others


We work with many different countries throughout Europe


We believe fellowship with God and fellowship with one another in community brings healing and wholeness and demonstrates God’s work through us toward others

Bulgarian/Roma people, Polish Bulgarian, Germans, and US missionaries all loving and serving others with our giftings and purposes for the glory of God. 

What an honor to work alongside such amazing servant leaders!

Church Planting

We are committed to invest in nationals by planting churches in the Balkans/Europe

Bible Schools

We invest in national through Bible school classes.

Leadership Training

We invest in training pastors and leaders in many European countries.

Agricultural Projects / Pure Farms

Investing in nationals to farm and support their communities through feeding.

St. John's Home

A home that invests in young women at risk for human trafficking and help foster parents.

Become A Partner

Your support will invest in nationals to change their nation.