Welcome to the International Fellowship of St. John, Inc.

Our Purpose

The sole purpose of International Fellowship of Saint John, Inc. (501c3) organization is to support and fund the work in the Balkans and Europe.

Our goal as a foundation

​Our goal is to train servant leaders to impact their communities who then train and invest in other servant leaders. We are currently training pastors and leaders in the Balkans, Europe, and the United States. Our training events are designed to assist these leaders into becoming love. It is our belief that nationals reach nationals. When a healthy leader is in a community, they are able to live life in that community and address the brokenness and injustice that is in the world, one community at a time. Our goal is to serve these leaders and help them accomplish their God given vision, purpose, and potential.

Church Planting

We are committed to planting churches in the Balkans.

Bible Schools

We have three locations where we have begun Bible schools.

Leadership Training

We train pastors and leaders in many European countries.

Agricultural Projects / Pure Farms

We train nationals to farm and support their communities.

St. John's Home

A home for young women at risk for human trafficking.

Become A Partner

Your support can make a difference in the lives of others.