What We Do

Church Planting

Becoming Love to Communities

Our organization has been committed to planting healthy, community engaged churches in the Balkans. Led by Lyuben Iliev, a national of Bulgaria, we have planted over thirty churches throughout the Balkans. We believe nationals reaching out within their own communities is the first line of defense to bring hope and lasting change in combatting hunger, human trafficking, crime, despair, and the other depravations that come along with poverty. We strive to create a foundation of truth that will meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people. We planted nine churches in 2015, ten in 2017, sixteen in 2019 and three in 2020. 


Bible Schools

Becoming Love to All People 

Our organization has three Bible Schools with online classes that teach Biblical Foundations. Led by Ross Manolov, a Bulgarian national, our centers have one textbook: the Bible. We believe that the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit help every believer become a true disciple. A true disciple is a person that is growing into the image of God and being the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities.

Leadership Training

Becoming Love to Serve Others

Our organization strives to impart into current leaders, but to also invest into future leaders as well. We are currently sharing the wisdom and experience we have gained from our years on the mission field and in local ministry in several European countries. Our vision is to empower current and “next generation” leaders to understand servant leadership. Becoming a servant leader is being a person of character and leading by example to your communities; loving and serving others while multiplying other leaders. It is our belief that we are to serve nationals, so that they may reach other nationals.

The Pure Farm

Becoming Love To and Feeding The Hungry.

The Pure Farm is led by Stanimir Zahariev, a national of Bulgaria. Here, we grow fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to supply those in need. We feed the ever-growing elderly and poor communities and teach and train those without work how to farm for themselves. In 2019 alone we added four greenhouses so that we can use the land year-round and increase our capacity. Our goal is to consistently bring food and training and to perpetually add more land projects in the all of the regions we are engaged in.



Becoming Love to the Unprotected

We seek to create a safe and secure family environment for young women who are unprotected and vulnerable to human trafficking. We also have an ongoing commitment to educate the community and train local leaders to identify and prevent exploitation and abuse.