St. John’s Home

The Need

The Roma are an ethnic group in Bulgaria that has suffered persecution for generations. Due to racism and lack of equality, they face severe poverty and widespread unemployment which leads them with limited access to health care, opportunities, and higher education.

We cannot address human trafficking without addressing the compounding issues that allow exploitation to thrive, such as poverty, hunger, racism, unemployment, and the spiritual condition.

Our Mission

As a human trafficking prevention organization, we aim to reach at-risk young women due to poverty, ethnic marginalization, and childhood trauma such as young women aging out of orphan or foster care.


  • We emphasize the need to model a strong Christian family, with safety and provision of needs
  • We are a loving group of people whose core values come from God and His Word
  • We believe in seeing people the way God sees them with value, hope, and purpose and to provide opportunities and an “atmosphere of growth” for these God given gifts to thrive


The Set Free Movement seeks holistic freedom to create new futures and end modern slavery through community-based action and partnership with others.

Who We Serve

We seek to create a safe and secure family environment for marginalized young women in Bulgaria who are vulnerable to human trafficking. We desire to close the gap that exists culturally for young women providing opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

What We Provide

We believe the mission is achieved by providing holistic healing and opportunity for women.


  • Trauma care/counseling


  • Comfortable family home, food, Medical
  • Personal care training, clothing
  • Homemaking skills


  • Bible training
  • Fellowship


  • Mentoring
  • Discipleship


  • Language classes
  • Professional

Job skills

  • Vocational training such as sewing, culinary arts, housekeeping, farming, cosmetology, personal finance, and basic business skills

Foster Care Program

We seek to equip and empower nationals to fulfill their vision to serve the most vulnerable in the population, orphans.   We provide a supportive community, meaningful training, respite care, and financial assistance to those God has called to be foster parents.